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Two Small-Cap Companies Showing Significant Gains

It’s no secret that small-cap stocks have been performing well recently. With the iShares Russell 2000 ETF NYSE: IWM up nearly 10% this quarter and the overall market trading near 52-week highs, investors are taking on more risk and investing in small-cap stocks. Key Points:
Last week, two small-cap stocks, Vinco Ventures and Guardforce AI, experienced impressive growth, almost doubling in market value.
Vinco Ventures has been gaining positive momentum over the past month, while Guardforce AI gained traction after partnering to launch a new robotic security solution.
Investors should be cautious as small-cap stocks can be volatile. However, monitoring the technical trends and volume of BBIG and GFAI could present potential opportunities.
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As speculative capital returns to the market and small caps gain traction, Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ: BBIG) and Guardforce AI (NASDAQ: GFAI) have caught attention for their strong performance last week.
Vinco Ventures
Vinco Ventures is a US-based media and technology company. With a market cap of $63.7 million and 12.4 million shares available, the company focuses on developing and licensing intellectual property in the entertainment industry. Vinco has multiple growth opportunities, including new virtual reality experiences and licensed merchandise.
While the stock had experienced a downtrend until early July, it has surged almost 270% in the past month and close to 100% in the past five days, without any specific catalyst. Although it is still down 44% year-to-date, the recent price action is positive. From a technical analysis perspective, if BBIG can sustain its uptrend and consolidate its recent surge, there may be further upside potential.
It is too early to determine if the momentum will continue, as the stock remains below the 200-day SMA and currently has an overbought RSI of 83.78. Nevertheless, it is worth watching, especially if trading volume continues to rise and the stock finds support at recent prices.
Guardforce AI
Guardforce AI is a leading provider of cash solutions and handling services in Thailand. The company is expanding its offerings to include AI and robotic solutions to enhance operational efficiency and establish a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region. Its recent partnership with Concorde Security to launch a new robotic security solution in Singapore has led to a significant increase in stock price and trading volume.
The stock’s 52-week range is $3.81 to $36.90, and it is currently up 67% from its 52-week low. Year-to-date, the stock has gained over 25% thanks to the recent surge.
Due to the small float size and micro market cap of GFAI, investors should conduct thorough due diligence before considering an investment. From a technical analysis perspective, if the stock can break above $8, transform resistance into support, and maintain a position above the flattening 200-day SMA, it may indicate a shift in trend and momentum. Before considering Guardforce AI, it is important to analyze all available information.

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